Co-parenting Coach and Parenting Coordinator in Montreal

Mediation service

Is your primary concern ensuring the well-being of your children despite separation? My family mediation service in Montreal creates the right atmosphere for communication between ex-partners. I support you in negotiating and resolving your differences. I also draw up the Summary of Agreements. Family mediation services may be partly subsidized by the Ministry of Justice. Seek advice.

The couple mediation service is offered to couples who are at risk of ending their relationship and who want to explore the possibility of repairing the relationship or who need a space with an impartial professional before making a final decision. The couple occupies a central place in the discussion while the mediator facilitates an open and respectful communication between spouses, as well as ongoing exploration of different strategies to be put into place between meetings.

Karine Joly, médiation familiale

Career Coaching Service

Are you at a new stage in your life path and doubting your leadership or political skills? Are you experiencing stress or uncertainty? Consult career coach in Montreal. Business coaching helps in the transition to achieving your new goals.

The structured discussions in a career coaching relationship will enable you to feel fully equipped to reach your objectives. Why delay consulting a career coach in Montreal?

A professional career coach can help you to :

  • Give a new slant or new breath to your career
  • Obtain a new position
  • Meet the challenges of restructuring within a company
  • Prepare for retirement

Parenting Coordination

As a trained Parenting Coordinator with a background in Family Mediation and Social Work , I work with parents in order to ensure respect of the Court judgment and the application of the parenting plan. I facilitate the resolution of parental conflicts, coordinate parenting communications and promote education with regards to the needs of the child.

Co-parenting coaching

I offer co-parenting coaching to separated parents who are experiencing persistent conflict. Services can be offered during or after separation and takes into account the needs of each parent, each family unit, and the child. The objective is to reduce conflict, apply negotiation and communication strategies while helping parents to refelect on the consequences of their behavior and decisions on the child. I accompany parents to make common decisions about their child and develop and respect a common parenting plan.


You are going through a difficult period, whether following a separation, ongoing family conflict, couple or personal difficulties such as lack of mutual communication, burnout, anxiety or depression? A psychosocial systemic counselling approach can help you understand how the different systems in your life (work, friends, family, etc.) influence your difficulty. I offer behavioural counselling in order to help you make the desired changes in your life.

Other Services

Need support? Mediation, counselling and
coaching services are offered

Take control of your life… contact me! I am a family mediator, career coach and life coach in Montreal, Westmount and Griffintown.

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